Saturday 6 July 2013

Write or Review Slides for Cryptoparty

Please help us as we attempt to create a set of presentation slides (translated into many languages) to help teach all the basic tools and techniques that come up time and again at Cryptoparty meetups happening all around the world, right now.

Are you a technical writer with expertise in Cryptography?

Can you write us a really concise and technically accurate presentation on VPN, Disk Encryption, Public Key Cryptopgraphy, GPG, PGP, OTR, Risk Assessment or Threat Modelling? Or can you use your knowledge to review our existing slides? Yes? Excellent! We totally want to hear from you ASAP so come and hang out in irc or tweet us @cryptoparty_. Your slides will help volunteers from our movement teach countless people all over the world. Furthermore by making awesome high quality slides you will be helping us to teach Crypto right. Looking forward to your pull requests on github. Thanks for being Excellent.

cryptoparty wiki page about slides:
github repo:

Notes on adding content and licensing

  • It should be possible for CryptoParty organizers to reuse/remix existing resources without having to worry too much.
  • We encourage you to donate your work the public domain (the standard license on the cryptoparty wiki).
  • If you require a different license, please clearly embed licensing information into your work. Don't forget to clarify attribution requirements.
  • If you cannot embed the license into your work, please make sure people will see the license information in the same place where they find your work. (Avoid the media manager feature on the wiki, people might find your work without noticing the license requirements.)